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Welcome to Keystone Education,
Your Path to Educational Success!

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our schools to you! Our dedicated staff members are ready to support you on your journey towards your educational goals. Their warm and friendly approach will focus on unlocking your potential and enhancing your dream to reach your chosen destination.

We have been serving elementary, middle school and high school students in the San Gabriel Valley since 1995 and have helped many thousands of students achieve higher grades and gain admission to prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC, John Hopkins and Princeton.

Our programs include:

1. English & Math Enrichment
2. Honors & AP Classes
3. SAT Test Preparation
4. College Application Assistance

5. College Counseling Programs

    for 7th-11th Graders
6. One-on-One Private Tutoring
7. Summer Programs

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Diamond Bar

Diamond Bar Campus

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West Covina Campus
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