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Our School



  • 10 Spacious Classrooms

    • Interactive Smart-boards

    • Internet-enabled digital learning environment

  • Computer Lab and Terminals
    • 18+ Computers for student use
    • Internet access with parental controls
    • MS Windows based computers with MS Office
    • Printing services available 
  • 5,000+ Square Foot Campus



All of our classrooms are equipped with smart-board technology, helping teachers bring the lessons to life and increasing interactivity within the class. Today's students learn faster and respond enthusiastically to the twenty-first century approach.




At the heart of Keystone Education is our partnership with Keystone Educational Publishers, whose research and development produce our unique lesson plans and original standardized test content. 

Keystone Educational Publishers' team of curriculum experts creates challenging original materials for use in the classroom. From writing and reading to mathematics and grammar, we devise the best exercises to test and teach fundamental skills, helping students build a stronger foundation as they pursue their academic goals.

Our Founder


If Diane Sartor could be summed up in one word, “passion” would be the best candidate. Energetic and driven, Diane has a tremendous enthusiasm for language, teaching, and life, a passion which she has channeled into her more than 30 years of mentoring students.

“Today’s students are challenged to learn faster and absorb vast amounts of information to keep up with the demands of our rapidly changing world. As educators, we have a responsibility to guide our students to embrace challenge, create reachable goals, and provide them with the skills they need to succeed, not just on their road to college, but in life as well.”

Diane Sartor


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