Keystone Faculty

Wes Dickson

University of Alabama

M.F.A. Creative Writing

18-year Instructor

Stephanie Rioux

California Institute of the Arts

M.A. Education

M.F.A. Writing

13-year Instructor

Gene Su

Pitzer College

B.A. History

7-year Counselor / Instructor

Phyllis Salehpour

Cal Poly Pomona University

B.S. Mathematics

21-year Instructor

Gabriel Santana

University of California, Riverside

B.A. English Literature

9-year Instructor

Elidia Esqueda

University of California, San Diego

B.A. Ethnic Studies

11-year Instructor

Brandon Mathews

University of Southern California

B.S. in Physics

7-year Instructor

John Lee

Cal Poly Pomona

B.A. Liberal Studies

15-year Instructor

Enoch Goo

University of California, Berkeley

B.A. Philosophy

3-year Instructor

Ian Acera

University of California, Irvine

B.A. Political Science

Multi-Subject Teaching Cred.

2-year Instructor

April Harmer-Ball

University of Arkansas, Little Rock

B.A. Education

7-year Instructor

Elisa Vazquez

Arizona State University

B.A. Liberal Studies

2-year Instructor