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Academic Programs


English Enrichment ProgramS

Through comprehensive weekly lessons in vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking and good study habits, our friendly instructors help elementary and middle school students (3rd to 8th grade) build a strong English foundation.

Advanced English Programs

In Advanced English, middle school and high school students (7th to 10th grade) encounter a challenging regimen of academic vocabulary, useful grammar, in-depth reading, and critical writing, preparing them for the state’s Common Core testing, the PSAT, and other critical academic challenges ahead.

Math Programs

Math classes at Keystone Education are a great way to stay ahead of the curve! Our classes follow the local schools’ curriculum, including the new Common Core Initiative, while encouraging students to work at a faster pace to get ahead of their peers.

Writers workshops

Today’s students are challenged to think critically and express themselves clearly in writing and speech. In our Writer's Workshops class, students learn to analyze both fiction and non-fiction sources to develop their creative and analytical writing skills. Higher-level workshops require students to present their essays to the class, reinforcing communication and discussion skills. This interactive style of learning makes writing both relevant and fun!

Math & English Enrichment
We offer Honors and AP assistance courses, which can be taken in conjunction with student's classes at school or as a preview course for early preparation. These courses are designed to provide classroom support as well as AP exam preparation. Small class sizes ensure that individual student needs are met.
Honors Writing

Strategies for literary analysis and timed essay practice. A focus on identifying and analyzing literary themes and devices. Gain writing mastery for honors success.

Honors Biology

Survey of the core principles of biology and human anatomy. Lessons break down complex biological processes to reinforce a strong foundation for all life sciences.

AP European History

Techniques for investigating historical developments and events in European history from 1450 to the present. Learn effective methods to evaluate sources and compose historical arguments.

AP Language & Composition

College-level critical reading, analysis, and composition using both non-fiction and fiction. Lessons emphasize interactions between author’s intent, audience expectations, and subjects.

AP Calculus AB

Students learn to apply mathematical reasoning to real-world models. Lessons focus on comprehending mathematical change geometrically, analytically, numerically, and verbally.

AP Physics 1

Introductory, algebra-based, collegel-level physics course. Covers fundamental concepts in Newtonian mechanics such as motion, force, momentum, and gravity, as well as an introduction to energy.

High School

H.S. Assistance Courses



Released in 2024, the Digital SAT is administered through an online platform, ending decades of SAT paper exams. The Digital SAT is shorter and more streamlined than the paper exams, but still maintains a heavy focus on text analysis and mathematical flexibility. Just as before the Digital SAT emphasizes key Math and English skills necessary for success in college. In response to the recent changes, Keystone Education has adapted our tests and strategy lessons to best prepare students for the challenges of the new Digital SAT. Our experienced teachers and comprehensive materials have helped our students achieve phenomenal results, with over 90% of them increasing their scores significantly.

Test Prep
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