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Congratulations, Amy!

Former ACI Student Amy Zhang scores 2390 on SAT and Attending Yale in Fall!

Former ACI student Amy Zhang achieved a fantastic score on the SAT test, was accepted to many top colleges, and will be attending Yale this fall. We are so proud of her success and commend all the hard work and dedication to her goals.

Here’s what Amy has to say:

“For these past two years, I have felt such gratitude for ACI director Diane and my instructors, Mr. Wes and Ms. Stephanie, for the support and help they have given me. Through their assistance, I have been able to increase my SAT score and develop my writing skills. They have been essential in my high school career and have helped me immensely in the college application process. I am proud to be accepted to wonderful colleges, such as Yale, Columbia, UPenn, and Dartmouth.”

Thank you, Amy, for being such a hard-working and dedicated student! We truly believe that only the sky will limit you, perhaps not even that!

The ACI Team


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