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Road to Success Spring 2019 - Course 1 (Projected Syllabus)

Spring 2019

Road to Success

Course 1: Skills for Academic Excellence

January 12 – January 26, Saturdays, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM (3 weeks)

Projected Syllabus


This three-week course is designed to help students improve their study skills, productivity, and academic motivation through effective research, organizational, and communication strategies. Using real-world scenarios, students will be asked to explore and experiment with career and academic interests to begin developing a long-term academic plan for college and beyond. The course combines the latest technology with proven traditional methods to ensure students will possess a comprehensive, flexible skill set. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate verifying satisfactory achievement of course contents.


Successful students will be able to:

· Evaluate their academic and career interests

· Research colleges, their departments, and majors

· Develop their own 4-year plan for high school

· Plan their coursework and activities around their goals and dreams

· Estimate the cost of living as an adult

· Manage their time with calendar, note-taking, and task management applications

· Take organized and effective notes

· Organize and archive their schoolwork

· Monitor and calculate their grades and GPA

· Communicate effectively with their teachers


As a discussion-based course, students’ in-class participation is important for their success. We encourage students to participate during class discussions and to ask questions regularly.


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