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Testimonial from former student Krystal Mak

I began attending classes at ACI Institute in second grade; even in elementary school ACI provided me with the skills I needed to excel in my studies. The instructors and the secretaries instilled in me a sense of confidence and a sense of determination to set and reach formidable goals. My parents especially adored the school because of its personal attention; the director, Diane Sartor, kept in close contact with them whenever I began to lose focus, ensuring that I continually worked hard. It was no surprise that when it came time for SAT prep, ACI Institute was at the top of our list.

After my first diagnostic score of 1800, I knew I had a long road ahead of me if I wanted to break 2100. The instructors simplified each section of the SAT and taught me a few key techniques for achieving my goal. The course was rigorous and the tests difficult, but in the end I knew I had made the right choice in attending ACI. Thanks to their program, I far surpassed my goal and achieved a perfect 2400 on the SAT Reasoning Test. I recommend ACI Institute to everyone, because unlike other institutions, they never fail to deliver the top scores they promise.

Krystal Mak Diamond Bar High School

我從小學二年級就參加了南加州學院鑽石吧分校的課後輔導班,南加州學院除了輔導我的學習外,更重要的是幫助我設立了人生的目標,樹立了自身的信念。 我媽媽特別推崇這個學院,因為它對每一位來這裡學習的學生都關懷倍至。 每當我學習成績不穩定時,校長Diane 都會親自打電話與媽媽溝通,拿出解決的辦法。

我在準備SAT考試,選擇輔導學校時,選擇的就是這個學校。 剛開始我的第一次模擬測驗成績只有1800分,我深知只有進一步努力,才有可能突破2100分。經過南加州學院資深老師的正確指導,加上每週高難度的模擬練習測驗,我的成績有了明顯的進步,今年 十月四日我在SAT考試中,取得了滿分2400分的好成績。 在這裡我要特別感謝南加州學院鑽石吧分校一直以來給我的關愛和輔導,也相信會有更多來這裡學習的學生像我一樣考出滿意的成績。


鑽石吧高中十二年級學生 麥馥蕓 (Krystal Mak)


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