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Keystone Instructors


Online Platform

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for Parents

Having offered exciting yet rigorous in-seat classes for over 25 years, Keystone Education believes students learn best in a live, interactive classroom environment.

Our online classes are designed to recreate the in-seat experience, with passionate teachers, compelling material, and cutting-edge technology. 


Our passionate instructors are experienced in leading engaging classes that get students excited and involved. We limit our class sizes to ensure that teachers are able to give each student the attention they need.

Taught by

Keystone Instructors



Our centralized Online Learning Platform provides a seamless online school experience that keeps students organized and engaged. Featuring a full line-up of class management, interactive classroom, and collaboration tools, students will learn on a cutting-edge platform of the future.

 Features Include...

  • Class Management tools that keep students organized​

    • News Feed, Calendar, Agenda, Automatic Reminders​

  • Interactive ​Classroom features that keep students engaged

    • Online Quiz System, Multimedia Lessons,​ Web Conference Integration, Gamification

  • Collaboration tools that promote teamwork

    • Discussion Forums, Discussion Assignments, Online Groups 



for Parents

Parents will also have access to our online platform through a Parent Portal. Parents are able to track their child's performance and view their schedule of classes and assignments from any internet-enabled device. By giving our parents better tools, we allow them to be more informed and more involved in their child's development.