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Early Bird Discount and Referral Program

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Dear Keystone Parents,

As summer school has come to an end, we'd like to thank you for entrusting Keystone Education with your child's educational development. We are committed to providing a proactive learning environment and a proven curriculum to help our students build a strong academic foundation that will help them accumulate significant educational and professional achievements throughout their lives. Your child’s future is important to us!

To express our gratitude, Keystone Education would like to offer a special early bird discount and a referral program for our Fall 2023 Semester:

  • 15% early bird discount on tuition for students who enroll by Saturday, August 12, 2023

  • Referral Program:

    • Refer a student to Keystone Education and earn $100 credit for tuition

    • Unlimited referral bonuses

Thank you again for your continued support. We look forward to guiding your child in the Fall 2023 Semester and beyond!


Melody Young



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