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Keystone's Online Classes are LIVE! (COVID-19 Response)

March 27, 2020

Dear Students and Parents,

We are finishing our second week of online classes for our Spring semester, and our students, staff, and teachers have really embraced the challenge.  I’m so proud of their efforts! To help those of you who may not be part of our current program, below are some suggestions for students of all ages (and parents too!) who may be looking for more resources.

To Do List for Students

This is your chance to learn how to study independently. I encourage you to keep a regular study schedule. In addition, there are some quality websites that make online learning more meaningful. Here are my suggestions:

Get up at a reasonable time.  9:00 am (Yes, it’s not that early!)  

Schedule your day to include at least 30 minutes of each of your regular school subjects.  Read a few pages, take notes, answer questions. You'll need to learn it sooner than later. If your teachers at school haven’t given you much work, it’s even more important that you keep up.  Knowledge is power!

Visit the Walnut Valley Unified School District online website.      

You should explore both the academic resources tab. It links to some of your current subjects and other resources. The online resources tab has some good links.  I particularly like the virtual tours of 12 famous museums and the national parks. The audible stories section has some good books if your eyes are too tired to read.

Here are some others that I particularly like.

Free online courses from famous universities like MIT and Harvard.  High school students...take a look at the choices and give one a try.

National Public Radio website is a good resource. Look at the top to click on news about art, life, music and daily news.  There are also audio files that read the news or other topics.

Learn to type correctly.  Put your fingers in the right place.  Practice daily.

Longman online dictionary has definitions for all different uses of a word and sentence examples.  Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

Watch some math videos.  Do the practice.  Look in your school textbook to see what you would be learning if you were in school right now.

We’ll keep you updated with new developments for our plan for more online classes and summer options.

Be safe and healthy!

Diane Sartor

Director, Keystone Education


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