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New SAT Study Guide Now Available

ACI’s publishing partners, Keystone Educational Publishers, Inc., have recently published the most comprehensive guide to the New SAT test.

In addition to SIX Complete SAT Tests, the book includes 14 Reading strategy lessons, 13 Language strategy lessons, and 29 detailed Math lessons that cover all the changes to the test and explain all the new problem types. The lessons include hundreds of examples and practice problems to help students refine their skills and achieve success on the New SAT.

Many have expressed confusion and apprehension about the redesigned SAT. Is the new test harder or easier? What exactly will it be testing on? Should students take the ACT instead?

Well, with the publication of the SAT Study Guide, no one needs to worry anymore. KEP’s test authors (the same folks who have been writing ACI’s PSAT and SAT material for many years) have spent the past two years analyzing the changes to the SAT, reviewing all available tests, and figuring out the best ways to approach each type of problem that could appear on the New SAT. The SAT Study Guide is the culmination of all their penetrating research and dedicated efforts.

We’ve compared our book to every other product on the market, and we can honestly say that KEP’s SAT Study Guide is truly the Ultimate Resource for the redesigned SAT.

Scan the QR Code above or simply click our Amazon link above and order your copy today!



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